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Jinpei | vacation schedule in 2021

  Jinpei | vacation schedule in 2021 ▶New Year: 2021.01.01-2020.01.03 ▶Spring Festival: 2021.02.06-2020.02.19 ▶Tomb Sweeping Day: 2021.04.03-2021.04.05 ▶Labour Day: 2021.05.01-2021.05.03 ▶Dragon Boat Festival: 2021.06.12-2021.06.14 ▶Mid-Autumn Festival: 2021.09.21 ▶National Day: 2021.10.01-2021.10.07

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The Impact Coronavirus Epidemic On New Energy Industry

The Impact Coronavirus Epidemic On New Energy Industry Mar 05, 2020 At the beginning of 2020, the world has entered a “state of emergency”. The epidemic in China, fires in Australia, locust plague in Africa, earthquake in Japan and super storm in the UK have all taken mankind by surprise.The unexpected major disasters alert and…

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MLCC Prices May Go Up

After the eruption of a volcano in the Philippines and coronavirus in China, now there are factories in the Philippines, including murata production house, suncoelectricity, samsung motor and Vishay, an American manufacturer. In terms of the proportion of production capacity, samsung motor accounts for 40% of the largest, while murata accounts for nearly 15%, which…

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Top 10 Tech Trends In 2020

Trend 1. Artificial intelligence evolves from perceptual intelligence to cognitive intelligence Artificial intelligence has reached or surpassed human level in the field of “hearing, speaking and seeing”, but it is still in its infancy in the field of cognitive intelligence, which requires external knowledge, logical reasoning or domain migration.Cognitive intelligence from cognitive psychology, brain sciences…

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World Conference Of AI On 2019

World Conference Of AI On 2019 Sep 02, 2019 The world conference on artificial intelligence Has been holding from August 29, 2019 to August 31, 2019 at the Shanghai world expo center and Shanghai world expo exhibition hall.The conference will focus on the theme of “artificial intelligence – new drivers of high-quality development” and set…

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China Telecom And Shanghai Jointly Build 5g Optical Network

China telecom and Shanghai jointly build “5G+ optical network” On May 30, China telecom held the “double gigabit model city construction and China telecom smart family ecological cooperation conference” in Shanghai and released the “smart family white paper”.At the conference, China telecom and leaders of Shanghai municipal government jointly launched the construction of “jointly build…

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