CBAC Polymer Tantalum Capacitor

◆Temperature: -55℃~125℃


◆Tolerance:J±5%  K±10%  M±20%

◆ Rate voltage:2.5V~63V

Extremely low ESR , Volumetrically efficient , Stable in electrical & storage performances ,Jinpei CBAC series Tantalum Polymer Capacitor asLong life over than 20years, High reliability.

Solid Tantalum Capacitor

◆Temperture: -55℃~ + 125℃

◆Voltage Range: 6.3V~63v

◆Capacitance Range: 0.1~470uF

◆Tolerance: J±5%, K±20%, M ±20%

Jinpei provides superior performance and wide capacitance range as a result of a solid slug of high-gain tantalum powders sintered under vacuum.Non-standard values, low profile packages, custom marking, military screening,fusible etc

CBDY Series axial tantalum capacitor


◆Capacitance 1uF~1000uF

◆Tolerance 10% 20%

◆Rated Voltage 6.3V~100V

Stable performances, high reliability and long life,CBDY Series solid tantalum capacitor meets the requirements of Chinese National Standard GB 8583- 88,widely used in instruments meters and other electronic equipment for military and civil application.

CBHA Series radial  tantalum capacitor


◆Capacitance 0.22uF~1000uF

◆Tolerance 10% 20%

◆Rated Voltage 6.3V~63V

Low DC Leakage,stable and excellent performances, high reliability and long life.CBHA Series tantalum capacitor meets the requirements of Chinese Electronic industry standard Q/PWV20002-2002,Suit for polar transform DC and pulse circuit.


Military Grade Axial Wet Tantalum Capacitor


◆Capacitance range: 10μF~2200μF

◆Capacitance Tolerance: K=±10% ,M=±20%

◆Voltage: 15V~125V

Reverse voltage capability: 1.5V Jinpei CBFB full tantalum case,Axial leads,

It has good environmental adaptability,The product has excellent performance,stable reliable for military application.

High Temperature Tantalum Capacitor

◆ 200℃ Operating Temperature: -55℃~+200℃(>85℃ with voltage derating);

◆Capacitance range: 10uF~ 2200uF

◆Capacitance Tolerance: K=±10% ,M=±20%

◆Rated voltage: 6V~125V

Can use at 155℃ 175℃ 185℃ 200℃

Suit for down-hole-drilling instrumentation and high temperature electronic devices DC or pulse circuit.

High Energy Hybrid Tantalum Capacitor

◆Temperature:-55℃ to +125℃

◆Capacitance range: 600uF~ 150,000uF

◆olerance:Q: (-10%~+30%), K: (±10%), M: (±20%

◆Rated voltage: 6V~125V

Tantalum case, Hermetically Sealed, Radial-lead,Heteropolarity,Small size,Super Capacitance.

Non Polar Radial Lead

Solid Tantalum Capacitor

◆Operation Temperture: -55℃~ + 85℃

◆Voltage Range: 6.3V~63v

◆Capacitance Range: 0.22~150uF

◆Tolerance: K±20%, M ±20%

This product is a radial lead non- polar solid tantalum capacitor, Suit for polar transfer DC and pulse circuit,Implementation of standard 1510-79.


Jinpei has more experience than 17 years at R&D & production high power dense tantalum capacitor & wet | solid tantalum  capacitor which successfully used on

defense, aerospace,energy exploration etc. industrial.Perfectly designed for saving weight,volume.while follow strictest military & NASA, ESA standard

and offer excellent solution in radar,bridge power,amplifier,laser,electronic warfare, downhole drilling etc.Usually we can make the faster delivery & no MOQ.

① Tantalum Capacitor-Forming process

② Fabriction

③ Sintering process

④ Molding process

⑤ High temperature aging

⑥ X-ray analysis

We’re the first in China to successfully develop solid tantalum capacitor & wet tantalum capacitor and also the first to build a solid tantalum capacitor production line.The first CAST certified tantalum elcapacitor production line of high-tech enterprises. Jinpei  has a full testing capabilities with MIL STD 202 & MTBF


Strong R&D & recognized by authoritative Inst.

Follow mechanical Environmental Tests MIL-STD-202 & military NASA,ESA Standards,while meets the requirements of Chinese National Standard QZJ840628,Q/RT0.464.150-2005,Widely used in instruments meters and other electronic equipment for military and civil applications.

Follow strictest & NASA military grade, MIL STD 202

Capacitor superior to other capacitor in weight, volume, DCL& ESR.For examples Axial Lead Tantalum Capacitors CBFB887M2AT4 880uF 100V D*L 9.52*26.97mm ,25℃ Max DCL 5uA,25℃ Max ESR 0.6ohm, At the same time, we can assist customers to provide long time MTBF test.strict needs.

Best alternative solution for your supply & technic problem

Relying on our strong R&D team and Scientific managing & flexible production,

Jinpei provides customized services-free solution and samples testing for different customers’ individual needs.

Delivery fast & customizability no MOQ

The fastest lead time in the industry, around 30 days, and the no MOQ,

Efficient delivery experience, we have the operation experience of exporting like such products ( some time it’s supposed a sensitive component ) and superior transportation channels,So that smoothly deliver to customers all over the world.


Military license

Invention patent




Ms.Linda | CEO

Samples arrived, I can’t wait to start experimenting with the samples.

I am very appreciate about with the chinese ingenuity, the hermetic sealed hybrid tantalum capacitor & solid tantalum capacitor where really well protected against shocks.

Totally awesome!

Eugene| Senior Employee at Aerospace Tech. Company

Sharing for successful alternatives for other brands

We’re in defence mainly use wet tantalum capacitor from E**** capacitor and appreciate high reliability ****s solid tantalum capaitor just would like to an alternative for supply issue, We also would appreciate you sent us your solution for approving.We will inform you sample test result once finished. According to our WeChat conversation,Our purchasing department is placing 350 pcs of order for our first business.

Mr.Sergey | Defense Technology Engineer

Since Feb.this year we have received these samples of solid tantalum capacitor going with test,So far it has been about 5 months,

we’re going with comparation these actual test dateas with ESR 0.6ohm graph you sent us before,It’s totally colse, What a low ESR! And also the DCL 25uA as well.Actually Jinpei’re changing our idea make us re-design the circuit.

A senior nuclear power engineer

Tantalum polymer capacitor(solid tantalum capacitor) application for nuclear power device

Please be advised that R&D have approved the reel of solid tantalum capacitor and has been added to the approved parts list.

We will pass this information onto our CM working with Jinpei to procure on next production batch,so that they can contact you directly to discuss order detail



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