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What We Doing

Jinpei has much experiences on R&D and production  in component field.Since 2005, We always insisted on independent innovation to improve efficiency and reduce costs. As a earliest supplier who offer military capacitors and explore military application 、 R&D AI etc.fields.

Staff over 200 people, has the tantalum capacitors, electrolytic capacitors, ceramic capacitors, film capacitors four production lines, annual
sales of more than one hundred million yuan;factory covers an area of 19,000 square meters, annual output of more than 1 billion kinds of
capacitors,have independent intellectual property rights.

Invention patent of capacitor No.ZL 2014 1 0318673.1

Jinpei Advantage

Technical Advantage

Jinpei except has its own strong technology platform, meanwhile also actively work on scientific research activity with some famous universities and research organization, such as Fudan university. Shanghai Science and technology commission、Nanjing electricpower research institute etc.

Marketing Mode Advantage

Professional capacitors products services, diversified services, to provide electronic manufacturing service |EMS., customized according to customer demand non-standard products, relying on our many years of experience, we communicate technology with various field of customers.we provide technology solutions for customers as well.

Meanwhile We founded a wide range of cooperation with financial institutions and bank, also can provide payment for goods of sell on credit services for customers who meet the related conditions.

Quality Policy & Certificates

■ Originates military field
■ Offer competitive price
■ Guarantee timely delivery
■ Provide efficient service

Application Industries

Jinpei as a professional capacitor manufacturers and over 30years of industries experience, has always been committed to the capacitor field of high and new technology R&D, we actively contact clients in different areas, involved in instrument, LED, audio, power supply, electronic toys, security, digital camera, microelectronics, oil drilling, solar energy, new energy vehicles, communications, military spaceflight etc.

Business Plan

From the initial single capacitors business, to today’s diversified services, we through cooperate with other components enterprises for example resistor、inductor、diode etc field.and gradually improve the professional level.

For the improvement of production technology and management technology, the competition between the enterprises becomes more fierce,people gradually realized that the enterprise in to reduce the production cost of competition seems to have reached an end, the focus of the competition start from production field to non-production areas, the past is regarded as the auxiliary part and ignored, such as, warehousing, logistics, finance etc. fields, this is now emerging industries-supply chain.

Jinpei is working with several powerful supply chaincompanies for example logistics, cash flow, information flow, etc. in the ever-changinginformation time and own many information resources, has a skilled professional customs clearance, and financing experiences.

We began to study how to reduce costs in these fields, improve the quality of service, create new profit and value for customers.welcome cooperation with Jinpei on electronic manufacturing service |EMS.

Main Markets