Conductive Polymer Chip Tantalum Capacitors SMD ▏CBAC

◆ Operating Temperature Range: -55℃~105℃

◆ Rated Voltage Range: 2.5V~63V

◆ Nominal Capacitance Range: 1uF~1,000uF

◆ Capacitance Tolerance(20℃):  ±5% 、 ±10%、 ±20%

⚫ Epoxy molded encapsulation, Chip, Easy for integration, Polarized
⚫ Extremely low ESR , Volumetrically efficient , Stable in electrical & storage          performances, Long life-span,High reliability
⚫ Typical applications include DC/DC converters, notebook PCs, portable electronics,   telecommunications
(mobile phone and base station ), displays,SSD,HDDand USB
⚫ Operative Standard: QJ/PWV517-2013.
⚫ RoHS compliant

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